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Pure-Biotic Treatment

Deep Clensing Treatment for Oily and Problem Skin.


Caring for oily skin is both a big and complex issue. Indeed, it is a problem that has different aspects to it: a shiny skin subject to excess seborrhea which needs balancing and matifying; a dull, patchy complexion, enlarged pores and, especially, blackheads and blemishes. These are common cases that can be easily managed with suitable skin care products.


Here is a complete professional Treatment which will enable the Beauty Therapist to deal with EVERY expression of oily skin from the simplest to the most complex. One of the particularities of oily skin is the way in which it expresses itself in “ZONES”. Areas appear on the face where the flow of sebum is different and where skin reactions will also be different. It is important to take account of this division into “zones” so as to care for oily skin in an effective way.

So here is a complete Skin Care method that is both “global” and “zonal” and which includes:
- A professional salon Treatment: PURE-BIOTIC.
- A line of skin care products for oily skin: BIO-PURE.
- A line of skin care products for acne-prone skin: ACTI-BIOTIC.

Length of treatment = 60 mins
Recommended Sessions: 4 to 8 sessions
Treatment frequency = Once per week

Works on all problems: hyper-seborrhoea, hyperkeratosis, inflammation, and bacteria. It reduces the sebum secretion and prevents the production of irritant fatty acids.

Rebalances the sebum production.

DERMAPUR is a powerful phyto-complex (meadowsweet extract) capable of stimulating the synthesis of the skin’s natural antibiotics to help it defend itself against microbial invasions responsible for acne.

Proprietors: Melanie Brosnan & Elaine Higgins
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