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Derma-Calm Neuro-Senistive Skin

Treatment for all Skin Types, especially sensitive Irish skin.

40% of the population claim to have sensitive skin. “Subject to tension” on a daily basis, our skin becomes weak, it no longer fulfils its barrier function and reacts excessively to the slightest stimuli: feelings of discomfort, warmth, redness and even itching and stinging. A concentrate of technology derived from the latest advances in the field of Neurocosmetics, the new DERMA-CALM skin care line makes it possible to deactivate the link between internal and external attacks and their symptoms in terms of the skin.

The entire strength of this line lies in its ability to act directly on the interactions between the skin and the nervous system to lower the level of cutaneous stress by means of dual performance: an “anti-stress” effect and an "anti-pain" effect.


Facial for sensitive and normal skin types and sensitive and dehydrated skin types. an “anti-stress” effect on the nerve endings via a reduction in the release of inflammatory neuromediators - An “anti-pain” effect boosting the secretion of endorphins with a well-known soothing action. The skin thus increases its tolerance threshold and recovers its original well-being.

Length of Treatment = 75 mins
Recomended Sessions = 4 to 6 sessions
Treatment Frequency = Once per week

SKINASENSYL, a new active ingredient resulting from biotechnology, enable to: increase the tolerance threshold of neurosensitive skin, lower the skin’s hyper-reactivity, providing a soothing, “pain-relief” effect to reduce feelings of discomfort.

ÔCALINE is an optimized and patented combination of natural substances with synergetic properties.

Proprietors: Melanie Brosnan & Elaine Higgins
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